My Team

by Jacque on March 4, 2010

Jacque Baker’s Team


My trusty iphone that I am lost without. She replaced Belle the Blackberry just this past month and boy is she a wiz. She is ever patient with me, doesn’t give up and go home when I push too many of her buttons or manage to knock her on the head while tapping at her screen. As long as I recharge her regularly she just keeps on going 24/7, wants no retirement or health package although I did get her a warrantee just in case. She just loves being with me, even sings to me, reads to me,  and hears all the interesting conversations I seem to get into all the while keeping track of my schedule.  She can even find my way out  when I am hopelessly lost in a maze of streets and houses!


My hand built computer is the brains behind everything, even Inoz. She keeps us focused, organized, entertained, and her webcam always challenges me to look my best. If I ask too many things of her at one time, she will just stop and tell me to slow down. She is full of tutorials on everything I need to learn quickly, and even knows when to force me to learn – she can be very stubborn that way. I dearly love her though as she asks for very little, no raises or bonuses but once in a while a chance to go to sleep. Don’t we all need that? Her fancy new wide screen monitor even makes me look good. She has a heart of gold and a brain of silicon.


My Canon Powershot SX20 IS Camera is usually with me, particularly when I am going to some very interesting places. She records videos and photos of neighborhoods and homes, me sometimes talking (too much?) and always with filters to make everything look so much better. She is one of my most trusted and reliable team members.


My all-in-one HP officejet printer, fax machine, copier is in charge of all the marketing pieces. She too works all hours of the day and night, needing only to be fed a steady diet of ink and toner and presentation paper. Although she has been with me for close to 5 years now, she is invaluable and won’t easily be replaced anytime soon, although I know I am wearing her out. Sometimes she just jams up and needs to take a break, so I try to keep her healthy and not overworked. Someday she’ll just retire and enjoy her old age sitting and watching the rest of the younger team members.


My trusty Lexus, keeps me moving quickly and smoothly, stopping only at red lights and parking stalls. She too has been with me for 6 years although she has a lot of life still in her, I know the miles are gradually catching up with her. Someday we both know she’ll be replaced with a shiny newer model with all the bells and whistles but until then, she just keeps going….

The rest of the team

And finally, I would be remiss without mentioning my Escrow Agent, Title Representative, and Preferred Lender who are all part of the inner circle, working tirelessly on your behalf to make your experience the best ever. They have the customer service skills that the rest of my team sometimes lack and can make everything happen and move mountains . No obstacle is too challenging, they are always available and on call for my most important client- YOU!

My Team

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